Kylie and Tyga's Dating Timeline

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Kylie and Tyga's Dating Timeline

Tyga brings his son Cairo to North West's birthday party at Disneyland. Most of the time, Kylie is left alone and feels lonely while Travis is away. People should be able to live in peace. With rumours circulating that he ended his relationship with Blac Chyna because of Kylie Jenner, he defended his actions on Twitter, claiming that he was just friends with the Kardashians. It appeared that year-old Kylie first had something for Tyga when she bumped into him at her sister's sixteenth birthday party.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga appear to have rekindled their relationship. Kylie and sister Kendall auction off clothes on eBay for charity but it's discovered that part of those clothes are from none other than Tyga's own Last Kings line. However, Tyga claimed he was still sexually active with Jenner around the time she would have conceived, and demanded a paternity test. Blac Chyna later gave birth to their son King Cairo in and they got engaged a month later. Drizzy retaliated by posting a picture of Kylie Jenner at his house.

Yes, that's really his peen. According to reports, the pair split before the Met Gala and have no plans on getting back together.

Hours later, Kylie shares this. Rumours spread that Kylie had broken up with Tyga because he cheated on her with a transgender. Tyga posted an Instagram picture for Kylie.

Two days later, Blac shares text messages from her ex. Amid rumours they are back together, Kylie tagged Tyga in a bedroom picture. Tyga denied dating Kylie Jenner in an interview. The long-time couple split up earlier this year and after their break-up, Kylie began dating Travis.

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Then, in Tyga began appearing in Kylie Jenner's Instagram posts. However they allegedly broke it off after rumours of Tyga and Kylie's relationship.

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Kylie was seen wearing a ring on her left hand which sparked rumours that she and Tyga were engaged. Kylie tells Ellen DeGeneres there is no truth to that Tyga split rumor. While Tyga's legal team disputes the report, they stand by the validity of the images. Rather, Kylie is a businesswoman and goes on private planes with Karl Lagerfeld.

Kylie Jenner shuts down rumours about a sextape with herself and Tyga. Kanye West said Kylie and Tyga are in love. Khloe Kardashian defended Tyga and Kylie's relationship. Kanye West sort of confirms Kyga is a real thing. Kylie celebrates the one-year anniversary of that pregnancy rumor.

You've been trying to recreate this photo with your bae ever since. The rapper shared a video of her receiving the gift on his Snapchat. Khloe defended her sister by suggesting people didn't know the truth. Tyga then responded by distancing himself from the Kardashian family.

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Us Weekly reports that Tyga cheated on Kylie with Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso after meeting her on the set of one of his video shoots. Tyga joins Kylie and her family on a vacation in St. Tyga is spotted with a Kylie Jenner tattoo.