Utorrent keeps updating

Utorrent keeps updating

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Stop uTorrent from Automatically Starting in Windows

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In addition, I'm finding the keyboard much less comfortable to use, and I'm not sure why. It's faster and more responsive, but the screen resolution is inferior. It's my goto device for reading books, surfing the web for fun and Twitter.

It appears, at this date, that the problem may be due to the Play Store's updating Amazon apps, including Kindle. There are rumors that Amazon is planning to push out a major revision later this year.

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Alternate keyboards are available from the App Store but I haven't yet tried any. With a stand, the tablet's good for watching videos because, of course, the more real estate the better. The Silk bookmarks came through just fine. In other words, I was buying a new Fire tablet every year. King stores those locally and Amazon doesn't transfer them.

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If you play games like Candy Crush and have a King or Facebook account, your level will be restored but your boosters won't be. Again, I don't know why Amazon did this.

For the many podcasts I listen to, the speakers are just fine. Kept trying to get the right version to show but finally gave up. Then Amazon decided to concentrate on the low end of the market. Alexa and I have a fraught relationship.