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Vba conditional formatting not updating

All the work is through conditional formatting. It is suitable for all versions of Microsoft Access. This meant the process was finished and the product was ready. The code below goes in the code module of the worksheet containing the above conditional formats. If the fourth stage therefore all stages of the process was completed, then all the squares turned green.

You will see the default is white on white. The only thing we need to do is change the conditional formatting formula. One of my clients asked set up a database where the user could visually see where a particular process was up to.

Include just the time field and the store value field. The conditional formatting window will open.

If the third stage was

The formatting is done exclusively through the c. This will help keep things consistent. If it was just in a single form, then conditional formatting would not be needed, you could achieve the same result by updating the colours by code.

If the third stage was completed then the first two squares remained yellow and orange respectively and the third square turned blue. We will develop a solution that is conceptually similar to the above in that the actual formatting will be through conditional formatting. This is the Advanced Conditional Formatting part. Line these up all in a row beside each other.

This will help keep things

Advanced Conditional Formatting

So, changing the format will not require any update to the code. Therefore copy and paste this field three more times so as you have four. Build a continuous form based on this table.

The formatting is doneIf it was just