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They first meet at a friend's place after a night out with girls and run into each other again when they are interested in renting the same apartment. The film has been credited with shedding light on a topic sensitive with a majority of Indian population, who were unaware of alternative sexual orientations. Mansukhani conceived the film as a tale of three friends living together, drawing inspiration by his own experience. List of Dharma Productions films.

Hiroo Yash Johar Karan Johar. They ask her to turn him down, admitting that their homosexuality is a ruse and they both love her. They later take Neha on separate dates, both telling her that they love her. When Neha discovers Kunal and Sam's plan, she misinterprets it as jealousy of Abhi.

Bachchan, Abraham and Chopra played the lead roles. Kunal and Sam then get down on their knees and propose to Abhi on her behalf.

He decided to use sexuality to shed light on the issue, untouched by Bollywood, for the Indian audience. Sam tries to deny his relationship with Kunal, but the immigration agent affirms that they are a couple. Recognizing the value of their friendship with Neha and each other, they reconcile. They find Neha at a fashion show and try to apologise, but she refuses to see them.

She lives there with her aunt, who refuses to sublet the apartment to either of them since Neha wants girls as flatmates. Best Actor in a Comic Role. People criticised me for stereotyping homosexuality in Dostana.

Dostana Full Hd Videosong Dowlod

Anvita Dutt Guptan wrote the lyrics for three songs, and Kumaar wrote two songs. Dostana Theatrical release poster. Dostana is regarded as one of the most stylish and trend-setting of Indian films, do not disturb hindi movie with Filmfare ranking it first in a poll. Dostana was the first mainstream Indian film to explore homosexuality.

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It achieves that, no two ways about it. You laugh harder than you have in a long time. Best Performance in a Comic Role.

When the crowd tells them to kiss each other, they refuse. Neha and Abhi turn to leave, and Kunal kisses a reluctant Sam. After toying with colours for the Verve office, Mahal decided to make it black and used four colours for the apartment.

Ayananka Bose was the film's cinematographer. Producers Guild Film Awards. British Board of Film Classification. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dostana ( film)

Unbeknownst to them, the approval letter is sent to Rani, Sam's conservative mother, in London. It's ridiculous how unaware people were before. It could easily have gone over-board. Principal photography took place over a two-month period from mid-March to May in Miami. Best Actor Popular Choice.

Dostana Full Hd Videosong Dowlod

The apartment belongs to Neha Melwani, who works for Verve. However, Bose enjoyed filming on the apartment and office sets. That is what stayed in my mind. Veer tells Abhi about his fears, and during the game, Abhi breaks up with Neha. Though it's a love story, there's a never-before twist in the tale.

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Best Actress Popular Choice. Unaware of Neha and Abhi's break-up, they ask about the wedding and Neha tells them about Veer's fears. The crowd encourages them to beg on their knees, say that they love her and blow her kisses, but nothing softens her. Chaos ensues when Rani arrives from London to confront her son about his newfound sexuality. My body structure in Dostana is more toned than in Fashion as it is a completely beach film.

During a basketball game, Neha discovers that Abhi plans to propose to her and asks for Kunal and Sameer's advice. Kunal and Sam admit that they manipulated the boy, angering Neha and Abhi. Sam and Kunal redirect their efforts into frightening Veer, Abhi's five-year-old son, about his future with Neha. The three become good friends, and Sam and Kunal fall in love with her.

They regret their decision when they meet Neha since they are attracted to her. Best Actor in a Leading Role. Wanting to add something different to the script, he later decided to introduce homosexuality which he thought was unexplored by Bollywood to shed light on the issue for the Indian audience.

Kunal and Sam climb onto the stage and beg Neha's forgiveness. All I can say on record is that we've never had a love triangle like this before.

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