Benefits Street's White Dee reveals she is broke and on the verge of losing her home

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White Dee returns to Benefits Street series two

But Tomes ended his working relationship with Fungi after just three months. We were like one massive family.

Unfortunately, the fell out and the business venture did not happen.

In February we told how

She was originally arrested in June after. Last month he revealed he had finally found love and was drug and alcohol free. Maybe with this new team around me I can start to see reward for my efforts.

Yet despite enduring many hardshipsWatch the video above

Well-meaning campaigners call for higher minimum wages without realising how much of the extra cash would go straight to the government. Nor did his Benefits Street single out the worst ward in Britain. James Turner Street in Winson Green.

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He fears he will slide back into a life of crime and drugs and lose his girlfriend, Teresa Brookes, who has been one of his main sources of support as he tried to beat addictions to drink and drugs. It was just out of boredom. This is nothing to do with indolence.

But for the residents of James Turner Street, fame didn't necessarily bring fortune, reports the Birmingham Mail. White Dee, real name Deidre Kelly, said she still keeps in contact with some of the friends on the road. Make a documentary about poverty in Uganda and you could win an award. Dee said she is still recovering from receiving emergency surgery for a hysterectomy operation in June last year. His welfare reform is intended to repair the damage and make work pay again.

All this is precisely what Iain Duncan Smith is trying to change. Someone else finds discarded metal to sell for scrap. An exaggeration, but Benefits Street does show the entrepreneurialism of the supposedly workshy. There is the public Dee who is very different.

Deirdre Kelly today In the show

Deirdre Kelly today In the show, Dee had a heartwarming relationship with lovable rogue Fungi who has continued to struggled with homelessness and drink and drugs. Watch the video above to see Dee talk about her time after the show. In February we told how Fungi, born Seamus Clarke, was beaten up and left for dead. The mum-of-two, whose real-name Deirdre Kelly, said she was so tormented that she drunk vodka, brandy and Jack Daniels before necking pills. Yet despite enduring many hardships, including homelessness, Fungi may be one of the only James Turner Street residents with a happy ending.

She has just returned from Benidorm where she hosted a tattoo convention organised by friends. The bullets were stashed in a shoe inside a laundry basket at her home. Still outrageously high, but it can be lowered when the system is up and running. But the reality was very different. But the show depicts the workless class, which is its point.