World of outlaws 2019 rules for dating

World of outlaws 2019 rules for dating

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Any attempts to manipulate the front and rear uprights to conform to these measurements will not be tolerated or allowed at the discretion of World of Outlaws Series Officials. Elimination of bolt to bolt axle tethers will be the last year axle tethers will be attached to the radius rod bolt on the axle. Bolted or clamped slip joints will no longer be allowed.

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Some ideas being considered are to strengthen the existing mounting points, tethers and additional mounting points. No parts made from castings will be allowed on any wing t-post. Annually, the two series race nearly times at tracks across the United States and Canada. Tonight, the American Legion made the official announcement to the Fairbury Fair Board, which will be realigned as a pivotal step toward a new arrangement that will position Curl at the helm.

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Nobody dared to race that high and make it work. About the author Bobby Kimbrough Bobby grew up in the heart of Illinois, becoming an avid dirt track race fan which has developed into a life long passion. When the final checkered flag waved on the season, Breazeale laid claim to the Rookie of the Year title. If a current chassis has a slip joint, it will have to be welded the full circumference of the tube to become solid.

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January all axle tethers will either wrap around or clamp to the axle. More information to follow. Learn more about the World of Outlaws. Two point side nerf hoops will no longer be allowed.

Slip Joints Slip joints will no longer be allowed in any form. The new support bars must be an addition to the front and rear uprights. This measurement will be made from the rear point of the front upright to the forward point of the support bar. Chassis Support bars In all chassis will be required to have additional bars installed to support and decrease the span between the front and rear uprights.